Mimi's Journey Home

Cover & sample image

On August 22, 2019 I received the phone call that no one ever wants to hear. It was my father. “Devon...” Then the phone was silent. I knew. “Tell me,” I demanded. I needed to hear it, and I needed to hear it from him. I heard him suck in a breath through a sob. My father doesn’t sob. “Your mother. She’s gone. Her heart stopped.” 

With those words my world shook beneath me. My teenage daughter & I quickly made arrangements to travel across the country to plan a whirlwind funeral, clean out my mother's home, say our good byes, and return home. This photo zine is that journey. 

Immediately before going to the airport, I grabbed my Contax G1 & two rolls of Cinestill 800t film. I shot the entire process from flighting a red eye from Phoenix through Detroit and into Pittsburgh to make it to the funeral home by the next morning to the funeral process to divvying up her belongings with my siblings and dad.

This is a creation of love. I've always wanted to make a photo zine, and I've shot film photography all of my life. I initially made this zine for me, for my dad, for my family, and I quickly realized that the loss of a parent is a universal struggle. If I could help one other person deal with their loss or process their grief, then I should. There is a limited number of copies available. They ship from my home. I will number them and perhaps include a little additional note. I hope you will consider purchasing one.

Pricing: $20 delivered. Pay via paypal or Venmo user: etranzaxtions
SPECS: Size: 6" x 8.25" // 28 pages // Staple portrait binding  // 100lb. Satin Pages & Cover

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