It's time to celebrate you and your accomplishments. Most of you have sat for a studio photo for the school's yearbook but there was no real connection, no real fun with the shoot. Let's change that together. 

I spend time choosing a location with you that matches your vibe, who you are as a person, and where you are most comfortable. We will pick a location that speaks to you, whether it's in a local park or nature preserve, an alley with cool graffiti, or an urban area in your hometown city area. We discuss costumes, time of day, and props.

The photoshoot is very laid back, fun, and flexible. My wife usually comes to assist me, and we're a great team. If you want something quirky, we can provide. You want something more traditional, we can do that, too! You want us to meet you at your horse stables so you can pose with your horse, that sounds great. 

Most shoots are out of doors, about 90 minutes long, and a lot of fun. Take a look below at the specifics, and let's record your milestone together.


Packages include up to two locations close to one another within 30 miles of Gilbert, AZ. You may have up to two costume changes (e.g. casual pants and top, then perhaps something dressier, or a uniform for your sport or group, etc...). If you'd like to travel outside of East Valley area for your photos, there is a travel fee but we can make something work. You may bring props (e.g. your instrument, painting set, sports gear, religious accoutrements, etc..) & also consider bringing a long a friend or a family member. I'm known to grab a complimentary photo or two of you together.

Pricing is $300 for up to two dozen delivered final edited photos both in color and black&white.  We provide a photo release for you to print wherever you'd like but we also provide printing services through this website - including graduation announcements.


If you prefer a studio shoot rather than out of doors, I can provide that as well. If you want to add on a 60 minute studio shoot in Gilbert, AZ we can do that for $200. 


Can I bring my pet snake, iguana, dog, bird?

Of course! I grew up in a home full of pets when I was younger. If you want photos with your fave pup, horse, or turtle, that is great.

If mom comes with me, would you mind taking a photo of us together?

Not a problem. I usually include a complimentary photo of the grad and family member who accompanies them to the shoot. It's optional but very fun.

How long until I can get my photos from you?

Usually I can provide a sneak peak within 48 hours and have the photos uploaded here for you within two weeks. Frequently, it takes only a week.

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Booking now for Class of 2021 graduation announcements!

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